The Dart World did not change for the last 20 years. Ever since Löwen Entertainment started with its soft tip electronic tournament dart machine over twenty years ago, nothing really changed in the market. These machines have today the same features and nearly same hardware as in the beginning. For long time, nobody was able to conquer the market with something new and innovative, until the emergence of FIDODARTS.

About Us


FIDODARTS, equipped with autoscoring function, is a revolutionary steel tip dart machine. Dartplayers can use the FIDODARTS apps to log in their IDs and all of the records will be kept accordingly. They can also play against their friends in different location through global match. With the high quality of bristle dartboard and the amazing feeling of real steel tip darts, FIDODARTS provides darts lovers the best experience with darts ever.


Electronic steel tip dart machine


Auto scoring


Scoring voice


Global match


Rotatable, Changeable dartboard


iOS/Android APP

Brief Introduction

FIDODARTS invented an automatic scoring dart machine based on camera vision technology. It has been applied in many PDC official events during the past 6 years.(Since 2018)

In addition to the traditional 01 games, Cricket, and Count-up, there are also Fun Games suitable for bar entertainment. Further more , FIDODARTS has developed several darts training games suitable for professional players. The most famous training game is about “grouping” which is a landing points analysis program. It could help you collect a lot of darts landing points, then tell you the deviation and consistency of your darts thrown.

For partners or dealers of FIDODARTS , we provide FIDO league, tournament, and event count-up system. They can be integrated with the FIDOLive broadcast suite, then the exciting event content is broadcast live to YouTube worldwide

Partners or dealers of FIDODARTS can create various events through the FIDO backend platform, manage all your stores and machines, set machine charging methods, get annual/ monthly/ daily revenue reports and journal reports, and can also analyze all game played to find out popular game types and then adjust marketing strategies.

League system:

  • Schedule automation: Set the start time and the number of exchanges between home and away teams to automatically generate the league schedule.
  • Remotely login: If the player cannot tap the card, the organizer can help the player remotely login through the backend platform to log in to the competition, just as if the player tap the card.
  • Data recovery system: If the game is interrupted due to factors such as machine shutdown, the data recovery system can restore the record of game result, including darts, rounds, legs, sets, matches… and recover the game to continue.
  • Tournament system:

  • Automation of round robin + knockout: After the member of groups is promoted, bracket can be automatically arranged.
  • Real-time bracket presentation: Participants can view the real-time updated schedule, bracket, players and board number during the darts event.
  • Data recovery system: If the game is interrupted due to factors such as machine shutdown, the data recovery system can restore the record of game result, including darts, rounds, legs, sets, matches… and recover the game to continue.
  • Event Count-up system:

  • Gift Event Count-up: You can use 9-dart or 3-dart Event Count-up to let a large number of people line up to compete quickly, and distribute event prizes or other rewards based on the score range or ranking list of the Event Count-up.
  • Online Event Count-up: The schedule and bracket of the tournament can be carried out automatically based on the rankings of the Event Count-up.
  • FIDOLive live broadcast system:

    FIDODARTS dart machine can be integrated with FIDOLive broadcast suite. In addition to switching the player screen and dartboard screen online in two location automatically, it can automatically update scores, AVG, or MPR information in real time. It also achieves a professional Zoom in close-up effect of the dart target surface, allowinexg the boss of bar to easily broadcast exciting event content to YouTube chanel, even if he does not understand live streaming technology.

    Dart machine payments:

  • Coin acceptor, bill acceptor and payment card.
  • Charge by hour or charge by game.
  • NV-3302P

    ( Wall-mount )

    Size Diameter 71 cm * H10 cm
    Weight 12.5 kg


    NV-3301P Black


    ( Wall-mount )

    Size H110 cm * W72 cm * D9 cm
    Weight 33 kg


    NV-3301P Black


    ( Classical Type )

    Size H220 cm * W65 cm * D35 cm
    Weight 115 kg


    iPhone Black

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    • Game Result History
    • Scan QRCode and Card Setting
    • Leaderboard
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    • League
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    • Rating





    • Global Arean 2023 at HONG KONG

    • Summarize from the report, FIDODARTS sponsored PDC Championship qualifier and PDC Shanghai Master championship, the new technology will be good helper for the darts sport promotion. With high accuracy of FIDODARTS and auto scoring, players can focus in competition instead of calculating the score while playersthe darts.

    •

    • Winmau, the world’s leading darts brand, is pleased to announce their partnership with Taiwanese company, FidoDarts on their revolutionary, internet-enabled, self- scoring steeltip darts machine.

      Under the agreement, Winmau will supply FidoDarts with its class-leading Blade 5 Dual Core dartboards for use in the machines as well as distribute the product in the UK. In return, FidoDarts has been appointed as the official distributor of all Winmau products across Taiwan and China.

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